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BEFleet is a fleet management & consulting firm. We can help you reduce your overall cost of owning & operating your material handling equipment by capturing & analyzing vital real-time information through our web-based enterprise fleet manager. BEFleet Enterprise Fleet Manager was developed to provide our customers with timely maintenance of equipment, accurate billing, and state of the art reporting. BEFleet Enterprise Fleet Manager is the first system created to support our customers throughout the United States with online dispatching of technicians. Service technicians can be paged via the web application. They can be notified by email, pagers, or cell phones which are web enabled. The application is also supported by online invoice entry to our subcontractors reducing the errors and the time it takes to process billing for our customers.

Call Management - Customers can request service via the web 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling - Schedule Preventive Maintenance and view past preventive maintenance performed on the equipment.

Equipment Inventory - Display type of equipment, model, serial number and capacity.

Equipment Utilization and Cost of Operation - Displays equipment utilization with a summary of all cost associated with that equipment's operation.

Expense Detail Report - Detail information about the customer's account and ability to retrieve invoicing and billing detail.

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